Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mite-E-Ducts Air Duct Cleaning provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent re-routes, & dryer vent replacement. Our Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians will ensure that your dryer exhaust is venting properly after your professional dryer vent cleaning by Mite-E-Ducts.

How we solve your home’s dryer vent lint problem safely and effectively:

Mite-E-Ducts uses pneumatic devices to clean the dryer vent. Our “Spinning Reverse Bullet” works great on most dryer vents. This device shoots air backwards to the dryer vent termination hood, located outside, at 250 psi while pushing itself through the dryer vent. All of the lint is collected outside; most of which is contained in our custom lint catcher. The technician disposes of the lint per E.P.A. mandatory compliance. Our other option, for the really clogged dryer vents, is our Dryer Vent Brush system. (shown in video below). This system scrubs the inside of the duct system and removes all of the heavy build up.


Mite-E-Ducts uses a custom “Lint Catcher” that catches lint that is being cleaned out of your dryer vent. Mite-E-Ducts uses this to keep lint from escaping.

The flexible vent from the Dryer Unit to the wall must be up to date professional grade flexible metal venting or just non-flexible 30 or 26 gauge metal piping. It is a violation of code to use White Vinyl for dryer venting, plus it is a potential fire hazard. The flexible material from the Dryer Unit to the wall is blown out and cleaned along with the dryer venting. Our special pneumatic tools have the ability to remove all kinds of blockages. Including birds nest’s.

ASK about Bird Guards!


Tired of birds or rodents getting into your dryer vents & bathroom exhaust vents? Mite-E-Ducts has the solution. A bird guard will help protect your dryer vent hoods and bathroom exhaust hoods from birds and rodents! Call today for more information or request a FREE ESTIMATE

*All of our Dryer Exhaust Technicians are C-DET certified.

Mite-E-Ducts was featured on WISH-TV for Dryer Vent Cleaning



Don’t Let This Happen To You!



This demonstration shows what happens when the highly flammable lint ignites. On the top right you see how flammable and unsafe the White Vinyl is. Can you afford to have it in your home? The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,500 dryer related fires occur each year and this number is rising at an alarming rate. Last year alone the result was 20 deaths, 320 injuries and over $84 million in property damage.

In addition to lint build up, improper installation of your vent system can also create a serious hazard. Our technicians can detect such problems as improperly routed vents and vents that are damaged or disconnected. Ensure your family’s safety with a professional inspection & cleaning.

*Improper dryer vents are a much bigger and more common HAZARD*

See the files below for the Indiana & International

Dryer Vent Codes

Tips to keep your clothes dryer running safely and efficiently

Your dryer vent should be cleaned if:

  • visible lint accumulates behind the dryer
  • dryer keeps shutting off before the end of the timer
  • your home is over a year old and has never had it done
  • you notice longer dryer times, especially with towel & jeans
  • the clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the cycle

Benefits of cleaning your dryer vent:

  • Eliminates the Fire Hazard
  • Reduces drying times
  • Saves you money on utility bills
  • Increases the life of your dryer

Mite-E-Ducts technicians are Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDET) by the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America)